VOLUME SIX: Rabbi Eleazar of Worms and 13th Century Circles in Medieval Germany

Chapter Sixteen: Rabbi Eleazar's Sodey Razaya, Cosmogony and the Sefer Yezira

1. The Place of Sodey Razaya in the History of Jewish Mysticism
2. Cosmogony and the Alphabet
3. "The Secret of Genesis" and the Process of Creation
4. Creation by the Letter H
5. The Cpmmentary on the Sefer Yezira
6. Cosmogony according to the Sefer Yezira
7. Creating a Golem

Chapter Seventeen: The Secret of the Celestial Chariot

1. The Archangels in the Celestial Chariot
2. The Conduct of the Throne of Glory
3. The Divine Glory
4. The Rules of Prophecy and Divine Revelation
5. Eleazar and the Secret of the Hashmal
6. Other Commentaries on the Chariot

Chapter Eighteen: The Book of the Divine Name by Rabbi Eleazar

1. Sefer ha-Shem and the Ritual of Transmitting the Holy Name
2. The Tetragrammaton and the Essences
3. "I Am What I am" – The Revelation of the Name
4. The Secret of the Name and Secret Names
5. From the Tetragrammton to the Name of 42 Letters
6. The Name of 42 Letters and the Cosmic Foundation Stone
7. The Name of 72 Letters

Chapter Nineteen: The Esoteric Psychology of Rabbi Eleazar

1. The Principles of Eleazar's Psychology
2. The Soul and the Celestial World
3. Human Intelligence
4. Emotional Drives and the Purpose of Creation
5. The Concepts of Zelem, Mazal, Demut and Da'at
6. The Interpretation of Dreams
7. Dreams, Visions and Prophecy
8. The Soul, the Body and the Divine Glory
9. "The Scent of the Body and the Scent of the Demut"
10. The Questions Raised by Rabbi Shmuel ben Kalonymus

Chapter Twenty: Rabbi Eleazar's Gates of Secrets, Divine Unity and Faith

1. The Work, its Strucutre and its Influence
2. The Rejection of Anthropomorphism
3. The Revealed Divine Power: The Kavod, the Shekhinah
4. The Intention of Prayer
5. A Prayer by Rabbi Eleazar

Chapter Twenty-One: The Disciples of Rabbi Eleazar

1. The Discussions of Revelation, Prayer and Piyyut after Sodey Razaya
2. The Poet Rabbi Shmuel ben Kalonymus and the Sefer Shekod
3. Arugat ha-Bosem by Rabbi Abraham berabi Azriel
4. The Secret of Divine Unity and the Circle of Rabbi Moshe Azriel
5. Rabbi Yizhak son of Moshe's Or Zarua
6. Commentary on the Sefer Yezira by a Disciple of Rabbi Eleazar ha-Darshan

Chapter twenty-two: The Unique Cherub Circle: The Barayta of Joseph Ben Uzziel

1. Between Esotericism and Pseudepigraphy
2. The Barayta oof Joseph Ben Uzziel
3. The Alphabetical Piyyut
4. The Decree Concerning Faith and Worship
5. The Pseude-Saadia Commentary on the Sefer Yezira
6. Creation of the Golem
7. "The Secret Library"

Chapter Twenty-three: Rabbi Elhanan Ben Yakar of London – Sefer Sod ha-Sodot

1. The Writings of Rabbi Elhanan of London
2. The Meaning of the Narrative of the Creation
3. Elhanan's Version of the Barayta of Joseph ben Uzziel
4. Elhanan's Commentaries on the Sefer Yezira

Chapter Twenty-four: The Book of Life

1. The Structure and Purpose of the Book of Life
2. The Power of the Number Ten
3. Prophetic Revelation
4. Divine Providence and the "Nature of Creation"
5. The Concept of the Soul
6. Giants, Angels and the Soul
7. The Secrets of Dreams, Visions and Mystical Eperience

Chapter Twenty-five: The Book Navon

1. Sefer ha-Navon and Its Sources
2. The Meaning of the Shema prayer: Talmudic Sources
3. Rav Saadia and the Theory of Divine Glory
4. The Interpretation of the Shiur Komah

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Commentators on Hekhalot Texts and the Holy Names

1. The Commentary on the piyyut Ha-Aderet veha-Emunah
2. Sefer ha-Heshek on the Seventy Names of Metatron
3. The Commentary on the Havdala of Rabbi Akivah
4. The Introduction to Moshe Azriel's Commentary on Shiur Komah
5. Commentaries on the Name of 42 Letters and Rabbi Nehemia the Prophet

Chapter Twenty-seven: Sefer ha-Maskil

1. The Problem: Spiritualization of Religious Life
2. Sefer ha-Maskil, Its Structure and Purpose
3. The Identification of Air and God
4. The Creator, the "Wondrous Air"
5. The Date and Vision of the End

Chapter Twenty-eight: The Legacy of the Esoterics and Mystics of Medieval Germany

1. Between Ashkenaz and Sefarad
2. The Central Conceptions
3. The Impact of the "Gates of Wisdom"
4. Commentaries on the Torah and the Prayers

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