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1. THE TEACHINGS OF HASIDISM, Behrman House, New York 1983

An anthology of brief texts presenting some of the main ideas of the early Hasidic teachers. The subject of the powers of the Zaddik is discussed, and among the sources: Zavaat ha-Rivash ("The Testament of the Besht") and the works of Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav.
2. THREE TYPES OF ANCIENT JEWISH MYSTICISM, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati 1986

The seventh annual Rabbi Louis Fineberg Memorial Lecture in Judaic Studies, Judaic Studies Program, University of Cincinnati, April 26, 1984. Chapter One: Typology; Chapter Two: The Descenders to the Chariot; Chapter Three: The Mysticism of Letters, Numbers and Names; Chapter Four: The Revelation of the Prince of the Torah.
3. THE EARLY KABBALAH (with R. Kiener), Paulist Press, Classics of Western Spirituality, New York 1986.

An anthology of central texts of the first hundred years of the kabbalah in Spain and Provence. A detailed introduction presents the early history of the kabbalah in Southern Europe. The main works presented: The Book Bahir, the Iyyun Circle, Rabbi Isaac the Blind of Provence, Rabbi Azriel of Gerona, Rabbi Jacob ben Sheshet and the Cohen Brothers of Castile.
4. JEWISH MYSTICISM AND JEWISH ETHICS, University of Washington Press, Seattle and London, 1986.

Four Stroum lectures delivered in the University of Washington, Seattle 1984. The chapters deal with: The enigma of Hebrew ethical literature; philosophical ethics and the early kabbalah; mysticism and ethics in the thought of the Hasidey Ashkenaz; mystical ethics in sixteenth century Safed; conclusion: the modern period.

A monograph describing the scholarly work of Gershom Scholem and his integration of the history of Jewish mysticism with the history of Jewish culture. The first chapter presents Scholem's biography and his attitude towards kabbalah and mysticism. The main chapters deal with the major phenomena of Jewish mysticism - Hekhalot and Merkabah mysticism, Hasidey Ashkenaz, the Book Bahir, the early kabbalah, the center in Gerona, the Zohar, the Safed school and Isaac Luria, the Sabbatian upheaval, Hasidism and the modern period.
6. Jewish Mysticism: An Overview, Iszumi Publishing House, Tokyo 1991 (in Japanese)

A comprehensive overview of the history and development of Jewish mysticism, from Late Antiquity to the present, including the early kabbalah, Hasidey Ashkenaz, the Zohar, Lurianic kabbalah, the Sabbatian movement and modern Hasidism.
7. The Ancient Jewish Mysticism Tel Aviv, MOD 1992


A public lecture at Brown University, published as the brown University Program in Judais Studies Occasional Paper no. 2. An analysis of a key paragraph in the ancient mystical work, Hekhalot Rabbati, which is understood as a revelation by Rabbi Nehunia ben Ha-kanah of the essence of the mystical way and the means by which a person can ascend and present himself before God.
9. The Catalog of the Exhibition: Christian Kabbalah, Jewish Mystical Works and their Christian Readers, Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 1996.

The list of exhibited books, with brief descriptions and many illustrations. See the volume dedicated to the same subject, below, no. 57.
10. Jewish Mysticism and Jewish Ethics, second enlarged edition, Aronson Publishers, New Jersey, 1996.

A new edition of the book (above, no. 18), with the edition of a previously unpublished chapter: "Hebrew Ethical Literature and Via Mystica".
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